Pagoda In Angkor

Preah Si Ar Metrey Pagoda

About wat Preah Si Ar Metrey

     Preah Si Ar Metrey Pagoda, is popularly known as Preah Si Ar, is located along the road to the South Gate of Angkor Thom about 700 m in the south of Bayon Temple. According to research, in the 1980s, a nun named Suy Sarin came to settle since security gradually became normal in this area. The Nun Sarin adapted her life to nature, combining traditional Khmer medicine for a small exchange of rice. Later, the priests and the other lay people came to live in succession until today.

The school in this pagoda was established in 1993 when it was a Pali school for monks to study. Later, in 1999, it was transformed into a primary school for children. The project to establish this new school is to gather children from pagodas in Angkor Thom and children who cannot afford to go to public schools to come to school in this pagoda with the support of study materials from a French NGO called “The Way of the Child”. The curriculum is based on public schools.

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