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Angkor Archeological Park

Chaussay Devata Temple

Explore the heart of the Khmer ancestral empire

Tonle Snguot is a small ruin sandstone temple open to the east. it’s one of the four hospital chapels around Angkor Thom. In all 102 were built throughout the Khmer empire, under the reign of Jayavaraman VII (1181-1218 A.D).

With its now serious deformations, partial fall down and risks of collapse structures, causes by water, tree and due to an age of structure. Foundation weakness terrace structure deformation, wall stone leaning, shifting, and partial fall down at the southeast and northwest corners and Mandapa is completely collapsed on ground.

The efforted of the APSARA National Authority is preserving temple and allowed the Department of Conservation of the Monuments in Angkor Park and Preventive Archaeology conducted an archaeological survey, architectural assessment, maintenances and propping structures risk of collapse. 2019 the Royal Government of Cambodia granted fund for initiated the phase I; focus on structural stabilization of central shrine, such as: scattered stone inventory, excavation, looking for missing stones, stone conservation and treatment, stone trial assembly, graphic document, and dismantling stones. Phase II & III 2020-2021 continued to repair the foundation, and structural stabilization and reassembling of the central shrine.

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Info and tips for visitor

Date :

Late of the 11th century


Angkor Wat

Opening hours

7:30 am to 5:30 pm


Jayavarman VI




30 minutes for each temple

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