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Angkor Archeological Park

Chaussay Devata Temple

Explore the heart of the Khmer ancestral empire

     These small gems are located on either side of the royal avenue exiting from the Royal Palace at the East Baray and heading east. They were built in the mid of the 12th century in a style that blends perfectly with the art of Angkor Wat.

Flanking the road to the east of the Victory Gate at Angkor Thom, the small adjacent temples of Thommanon and Chau Say Tevoda may have served as models for the roadside ‘rest houses’ built throughout the Khmer Empire by Suryavarman II and later by Jayavarman VII.

Both follow a rectangular, flat plan and although their dates remain unknown since they lack inscriptions, stylistic features suggest that Thommanon was built near the beginning of the 12th century while Chau Say Tevoda dates to the end of Suryavarman II’s reign in the mid- 12th century.

These two temples have both been restored using the anastolysis method whereby the temples are dismantled so that the central cores can be re-enforced before the temple is fully reconstructed. Chau Say Tevoda was completed in 2009. This temple in particular raises an in one of the debates surrounding conservation and restoration projects, namely how far should restorers go? As you move through the temple, notice parts of the lintels, colonnettes and pilasters that are incongruously new, clean and a completely different colour and texture from the original surrounding stonework. Personal taste determines if this is a good idea or not.


     Both temples from the Hindu epics. Chau Say Tevoda also includes some scenes from Buddhist mythology though their diminished state implies that they may have been defaced in the 13th century. The dense and elaborate carvings at Thommanon are considered to be especially lovely. Female divinities carved in high relief on the exterior of the Thommanon sanctuary tower make for an excellent photo opportunity.

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Info and tips for visitor

Date :

Late of the 11th century


Angkor Wat

Opening hours

7:30 am to 5:30 pm


Jayavarman VI




30 minutes for each temple

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