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Pagoda in Angkor

Kork Thlok Pagoda

About Wat Kork Thlok

     Kork Thlok Pagoda is located in the west of the Bayon temple. The pagoda has two separate Buddhist temples. According to the research, monks and Buddhists have gradually settled since 1984 and continue to stay until today. The residents of this pagoda are monks, nuns, and pagoda children who are his students. Since this pagoda also has a Pali Buddhist primary school, many monks come from some nearby pagodas to study.

There are two Buddhist temples in this pagoda, the front Buddhist temple and the back one, which makes this pagoda looks like two separate pagodas because even the priests do not work together. Today, the front Buddhist temple does not have many monks, but only one or two. The construction in this pagoda, apart from Buddhist temples, the Dharma Hall, and the Dining Hall, there are no large structures. The monk’s quarters are not big either, mostly small quarters at the back of the pagoda. To the south of the Dharma Hall, is a Buddhist primary school, which was built from 1998 to 2000.

According to the chief abbot of Kork Thlok pagoda, not many Buddhists know this pagoda because there is a Buddhist temple and big trees in the front. Some Buddhists do not even know that there is a pagoda here.

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