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Garden In Angkor Archeological Park

Angkor Botanical Garden

About Angkor Botanical Garden

     Angkor Botanical Garden (សួនរុក្ខជាតិអង្គរ), previously known as the Angkor Spice Garden,  has been undergoing upgrades for some time and is set to open soon. The 14-hectare site is educational and relaxing featuring local traditional medicinal plants & spices, flowers, palm garden, Khmer inspirational garden, and Angjor forest garden.

It is located along the way to Angkor Archeological Park at the corner of Benoit Street and Charles De Gaulle.

Before 1975, Preah Ang Sang Touk Pagoda had a temple and a large statue of the Buddha, in which Buddhists often light incense candles to worship for peace and prosperity. After 1979, when Buddhism revived, Buddhists cleared the forest on the site of the old temple and established a pagoda named Preah Ang Sang Touk.

By 1986, this pagoda was first organized and has grown steadily with the support of Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo Hun Sen.

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