Pagoda In Angkor

Preah Ang Kong Kumpel (Preah Ang Khmao) Pagoda

About wat Preah Ang Kong Kumpel (Preah Ang Khmao)

     This pagoda has three names: Preah Ang Kang Chum pagoda, Preah Ang Khmao pagoda, and Neang Khmao pagoda. The name that locals like to call is Preah Ang Kang Chum pagoda, which corresponds to a sign written on the existing entrance gate. This pagoda is located along the road to the South Gate of Angkor Thom. According to the research of this pagoda, monks and Buddhists gradually came to settle in 1993 and continue to this day.

From the time people came to live until now, many new buildings have been built. One of them is made of wood and tiles, built in 1999, sponsored by Prime Minister Hun Sen. The new shrine is built on an old one with no walls and no paintings. On both sides of the chapel, there are wooden carvings with beautiful floral motifs and an angel holding a lotus flower in the center. The wooden mill stands on the outer pillars, clinging to the ceiling of all the outer pillars. On the roof of the temple are also statues of wooden dragons in all four directions.

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