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ការលើកកម្ពស់សេដ្ឋកិច្ចក្រុមគ្រួសាររបស់អ្នកស្រុកអង្គរ គឺជាការងារមួយក្នុងចំណោមការងារជាច្រើនទៀត ដែលអាជ្ញាធរជាតិអប្សរាតែងតែគិតគូរ និងយកចិត្តទុកដាក់ខ្ពស់ ធ្វើយ៉ាងណាឲ្យប្រជាពលរដ្ឋដែលកំពុងរស់នៅក្នុងតំបន់នេះ មានជីវភាពកាន់តែល្អប្រសើរឡើងថែមទៀត តាមរយៈការអភិវឌ្ឍវិស័យកសិកម្ម។
After Apsara Authority cut back the undergrowth that covered the road along the dam of the West Barayon 27 September 2016, both local travellers and villagers expressed their satisfaction. ‘’During Pchum Ben, the tourists who went to visit West Baray were pleased to find a wider road making it easy to travel.’’ Mr. Yin Sovat, Deputy Director of the Department of Forestry, Cultural Landscapes and Environmental Management said.
Legal residents in the Angkor Park are not restricted in repairing or replacing their existing houses. Moreover, small constructions may also be permitted by the various community team of Apsara, which go to meet the villagers every week -- a service created to help villagers by saving their time and expenses to travel to the Apsara headquarters.
នៅព្រឹកថ្ងៃទី០៦ ខែតុលា ឆ្នាំ២០១៦នេះ ក្រុមការងារសហគមន៍ទី៣ប្រចាំស្រុកពួក ដឹកនាំដោយលោក គង់ មរកត តំណាង ឯកឧត្ដម ឈរ ថាណាត អគ្គនាយករងអាជ្ញាធរជាតិអប្សរារួមនឹងមន្ត្រីបុគ្គលិកជាច្រើនរូបទៀត បានចុះសាកសួរសុខទុក្ខប្រជាពលរដ្ឋ និងនាំយកកញ្ចប់ទ្រទ្រង់សុខុមាលភាពម្តាយ និងទារក (ឃីត) និងថវិកាមួយចំនួនទៅចែកជូនដល់ស្ត្រីទើបឆ្លងទន្លេរួចចំនួន៣៣គ្រួសារ នៅសាលាឃុំខ្នាត ស្រុកពួក ខេត្តសៀមរាប ។
Apsara Authority will cooperate with the US Embassy in Cambodia to provide English language training for technical staff to use in their daily life, as well in work related to their skills. The training will be held at the Angkor Training Centre of Apsara by Mrs. Kitty Johnson, an English teacher from the United States.
Two archaeological experts and 20 workers of the Apsara Authority are restoring the third gate in the east entrance of Bonteay Srei temple in order to minimize damage to inscriptions caused by visitors touching and leaning on the door jamb of the central door and to preserve the sculptures, which are at risk.
On the morning of 5 October 2016, the 5th community team based in Banteay Srei district, led by H.E Mr. Mei Marady, adviser to Apsara and the 4th community team based in Siem Reap city, led by Mr.Lim Out, representative of H.E Mr. Khoy Kim Tur, advisor Apsara with other staffs went to examine the sites of requests for construction and repair of houses in Thnol Toteung, Ou Toteung, and Brodak village, Brodak commune, Banteay Srei district and then in Nokor Krav village, Kokchok commune, Siem Reap town.

Speech of H. E. Ms. Phoeurng Sackona, President of APSARA National Authority

Welcome Remark by H.E Dr. SUM Map, Director General of APSARA National Authority

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What kind of right do people, who live in the region of Angkor, have for their own lands?
1. The villagers, who have homes and live there for ages, can continue to live without forcing to leave the village.

2. The villagers can demolish old houses or build new ones with a request to get permits from Apsara Authority.

3. The villagers have right to manage their own lands such as: giving land possession to their relatives – parents to children, or selling it to the neighbours to get some money for living. However, it is forbidden on buying and selling for the purpose of making profitable business for companies or individuals to build hotels, restaurants, KTV....etc.