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Published on 10 April 2015 05:04 AM Post By ៖ Apsara National Authority
The Research on Khmer Ceramics In the early stage, the research of Angkor civilization mostly only focused on inscriptions, temples and arts while the study of ceramics was left behind at that time. Since the early of 1960s, Mr. Bernard-Philippe Groslier has started the research on Khmer Ceramics but unfortunately, it was stopped because of the unstable politics and civil war in Cambodia. Until the middle of 1990s, researchers have discovered some locations of Khmer ancient kiln.

In the early of 1980s, when Cambodia was in trouble due to the war, there was an exhibition of Khmer Ceramics in Singapore by collecting all kinds of ceramics from private property to display. Those ceramics were considered as Khmer-style, which was different from other ceramics. Especially, industrial boom since the early Angkor period until Angkor was abandoned. Industry of Khmer Ceramics produced items for religious worship and tools for local people to use every day and those things are the evidences to reflect the lives of Khmer community at that time.

There were 2 famous Japanese organizations, Nara Institute and Sophia University collaborated with Apsara Authority to begin excavations on the furnace structure, the process of ancient kilns and ceramics in Ta Nei village in 1996.

Speech of H. E. Ms. Phoeurng Sackona, President of APSARA National Authority

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