APSARA Authority Officials and Tourism Agents graduate the course on Tourism Management in World Heritage Sites

Published on 10 August 2017 10:30 AM Post By ៖ Apsara National Authority

APSARA senior officials and leaders of tourism agent in total of 65 have completed the building capacity on Tourism Management in World Heritage Sites successfully on August 9th, 2017. The closing ceremony is presided over by H. E. Mr. Sok Sangvar, Deputy Director General of APSARA Authority in charge of Department of Angkor Tourism Development.

This program is organized by APSARA Authority under the US Embassy's sponsorship in the framework of Fulbright Specialist Program from July 17th to August 9th, 2017. This course is taught in English by Dr. Claudia G. Green, a well-known American exert, who teaches in many countries on Tourism Management in the World Heritage Sites.

Speaking at the closing ceremony, H.E. Mr. Sok Sangvar expressed his appreciation to Dr. Claudia G. Green, who fulfilled her excellent teaching mission to all trainees. He further confirmed that this is the second time of training course on Tourism Management in the World Heritage Sites to APSARA officials at the Office, including the Team Leader of tourism agents in each temple. The course is divided into two groups, specialists learn about tourism management, procedures for preparing projects, statistics, analyzing data, and learning about the experience of managing World Tourism by comparing to tourism management in Angkor site. Tourism agents studied English, learn about geographical services and manage the flow of tourists. For teaching, Dr. Claudia G. Green used many approaches such as: reading the articles, class discussion, homework, and video presentation.

ស្រះស្រង់មានបណ្តោយ ៧៨០ម៉ែត្រ និងទទឹង ៣៨០ម៉ែត្រ ត្រូវបានព្រះមហាក្សត្រខ្មែរនាសម័យអង្គរស្ថាបនាឡើងនាចុងសតវត្សទី១២ ដើមសតវត្សទី១៣។ ស្រះស្រង់មានទឹកជាប្រចាំទាំងរដូវប្រាំងនិងរដូវវស្សា ដោយទទួលទឹកពីទឹកភ្លៀង និងទឹកក្រោមដី ដែលជ្រាបចូលពីបារាយណ៍ខាងកើត។
In the morning of October 16th, 2017, Mr. Kong Morakot, Acting Director of Department of Public Order and Cooperation, led the working group to ban the pool digging in the restaurant, located in Zone 1 of Angkor Park.
In the morning of October 15th, 2017, the leaders of APSARA Authority participated in the celebration of the Fifth Year Anniversary of the death of King-Father Norodom Sihanouk at the Royal Residence in Siem Reap.
The conservation team of Preah Pithu Group, the Korean Cultural Heritage Fund (KCHF) and the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), has imported the Universal Testing Machine (UTM) to serve its essential work.
The Angkor site, as well as the whole of Siem Reap, has been hit by recent rainfall. According to the forecast of some provincial water authorities, including Siem Reap province, which there will be continuous rainfall on 13th to 22nd in this October.

Speech of H. E. Ms. Phoeurng Sackona, President of APSARA National Authority

Welcome Remark by H.E Dr. SUM Map, Director General of APSARA National Authority

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